A creationist best friend….the BANANAAAAA!

The stupidity that a devoted cretinist creationist can come up with is mind boggling. It is, in fact on its own, proof that humans, especially creationists, were not intelligently designed. Listen to this guy claim that the banana was created because it “curves” towards its mouth. Can someone tell this moron that if he was holding it behind his back it would be bending towards his arse! What would he say to that?

Intelligent Design is unintelligently disguised Creationism

Now, no one ever accused the ID proponents of being intelligent nor honest, and this video proves it.

Ben Stein’s Hypocrisy and Idiocy on video

We all know by know that Ben Stein is a mumbling moron, and this nicely done video shows you why. The contradictions and stupidity spewing out of his Yale educated mouth are unbelievable. Praise the Lord for the guy who took the time to Intelligently Design this video.

Lewis Black makes fun of Evolution deniers!

Can you believe this?

I can’t! Now I don’t know if this guy is speaking on his own, or reading/reciting a script someone else wrote, but I have to say this: This little guy is the most reasonable christian I have ever seen in my whole life. He’s just a kid and he knows the words of Richard Dawkins for Darwin’s sake. Priceless!

Stupid Creationist Video

Ah the stupidity. Hat tip to Evolved and Rational for posting this video first.

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