The end result of abstinence only!

Hat tip to Pharyngula for posting this first.


The 10 commandments bug the shit out of George!

Religion is Bullshit-HILARIOUS!

Is this true? A flying fish?

Can anyone tell me if this is true or a hoax?

A creationist best friend….the BANANAAAAA!

The stupidity that a devoted cretinist creationist can come up with is mind boggling. It is, in fact on its own, proof that humans, especially creationists, were not intelligently designed. Listen to this guy claim that the banana was created because it “curves” towards its mouth. Can someone tell this moron that if he was holding it behind his back it would be bending towards his arse! What would he say to that?

More Ben St…upidity!

This guy keeps spewing stupidity left and right. Listen to this unbelievable interview.

Darwinism must explain emergence of life from inorganic to organic according to Mr. St…upid.

Darwinism must explain gravity…GRAVITY…. according to Mr. St…upid.

Now what the hell does Evolution have to do with Gravity, only Mr. Stein knows. Can someone explain to this guy that he’s a moron and morons shouldn’t talk in public? Is he even capable of grasping that idea? Alas, freedom of speech applies to him too, so we must endure this ear bleed inducing nonsense!

Intelligent Design is unintelligently disguised Creationism

Now, no one ever accused the ID proponents of being intelligent nor honest, and this video proves it.