This guy needs to get the chair!

I am sorry, but anyone who says Islam is a peaceful religion must look at this video. It may yet become a peaceful religion, but until it sheds off all the inhumanity that this guy proposes, and much more, it won’t reach that destination. This is the guy who should be hanged. He’s actually saying that it’s ok for a man to have sex with a 9 year old girl. 9 fucking years old!


George Carlin was an agnostic…AND an atheist!

According to this idiot. That’s like saying he’s a christian and a muslim. But that sort of logic would fly right over his head. And can someone please explain what is Jerry Seinfield doing in this rant? Besides the stand up comic thing, I fail to make the connection.

Imagine……and no religion too!

The 10 commandments bug the shit out of George!

Religion is Bullshit-HILARIOUS!

Richard Dawkins on BBC Hardtalk

The interviewer just doesn’t get it , or doesn’t want to get it. He can’t even seem to understand a simple argument, and if he does he says “you shouldn’t worry about that”. What a moron! Richard seems uncomfortable a few times, and I can understand it. I would have wanted to scream at the interviewer to get his head out of his ass. Poor Richard couldn’t do that on TV!

Part 1

Part 2

Pat Condell same old brilliance!

Don’t you just love this guy!