Here Be Dragons

By Brian Dunning of the superb Skeptoid podcast. This guy ought to win an award or something for producing such high quality podcasts and videos. Let’ all really really hope that some network is going to pick up “The Skeptologists”. That would be so freaking cool.


More reasons to vote for the Democrat!

Wow, some of the things he says could be coming straight from the blasphemous mouths of Dawkins or Meyers! Impressive indeed!

The end result of abstinence only!

Hat tip to Pharyngula for posting this first.

Richard Dawkins on BBC Hardtalk

The interviewer just doesn’t get it , or doesn’t want to get it. He can’t even seem to understand a simple argument, and if he does he says “you shouldn’t worry about that”. What a moron! Richard seems uncomfortable a few times, and I can understand it. I would have wanted to scream at the interviewer to get his head out of his ass. Poor Richard couldn’t do that on TV!

Part 1

Part 2

New Skeptologists Trailer

A new trailer for the, hopefully soon to come to a TV near you show, The Skeptologists is now available. I like what I see!