George Carlin was an agnostic…AND an atheist!

According to this idiot. That’s like saying he’s a christian and a muslim. But that sort of logic would fly right over his head. And can someone please explain what is Jerry Seinfield doing in this rant? Besides the stand up comic thing, I fail to make the connection.

More reasons to vote for the Democrat!

Wow, some of the things he says could be coming straight from the blasphemous mouths of Dawkins or Meyers! Impressive indeed!

The 10 commandments bug the shit out of George!

Religion is Bullshit-HILARIOUS!

Richard Dawkins on BBC Hardtalk

The interviewer just doesn’t get it , or doesn’t want to get it. He can’t even seem to understand a simple argument, and if he does he says “you shouldn’t worry about that”. What a moron! Richard seems uncomfortable a few times, and I can understand it. I would have wanted to scream at the interviewer to get his head out of his ass. Poor Richard couldn’t do that on TV!

Part 1

Part 2

This is just like the real thing!

If I didn’t know this guy is a parodist I’d think he’s an honest Christian!

Can you believe this?

I can’t! Now I don’t know if this guy is speaking on his own, or reading/reciting a script someone else wrote, but I have to say this: This little guy is the most reasonable christian I have ever seen in my whole life. He’s just a kid and he knows the words of Richard Dawkins for Darwin’s sake. Priceless!

Bill Maher – The Church and Pedophilia!

Christianity Gene discovered by gay scientists.

Folks, it goes without saying, but don’t take this one too seriously!