Richard Dawkins on BBC Hardtalk

The interviewer just doesn’t get it , or doesn’t want to get it. He can’t even seem to understand a simple argument, and if he does he says “you shouldn’t worry about that”. What a moron! Richard seems uncomfortable a few times, and I can understand it. I would have wanted to scream at the interviewer to get his head out of his ass. Poor Richard couldn’t do that on TV!

Part 1

Part 2


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  1. Actually, I have to step in on behalf of the interviewer.

    I’ve seen a couple of screenings of HardTalk. The entire point of the show is that the interviewer is out to play Devil’s advocate and attack the guest as hard as he can. His personal views never come into it… That’s why it’s called HardTalk, and not just Talk.

    The interviewer only comes over so stupid in this show because the only availible arguments against Dawkins are themselves so stupid. Essentially, the interviewer is doing the best he can with the limited resources at his disposal.

  2. If what Ubiquitous Che says is correct, then I must take back some of the harsh tone from my introductory comments.

    Is there someone else who regularly follows the show who can confirm, or refute, what Ubiquitous Che is saying? Does he really play Devil’s Advocate with all of his guests?

  3. Heh. I’m open to beign proven wrong. I’m taking my opinion here from the other HardTalk interviews availible on YouTube.

    Specifically, the interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali was a particularly good example… I could almost feel the interviewer struggling to disagree with her.

    Hell, watch the interview with Ayaan anyway. There’s no such thing as hearing too much of what Ayaan Hirsi Ali has to say about either women’s rights or religion – especially when she talks about both.

    I haven’t done a comprehensive review on the show – but I’ve seen a few of the interviews and he had pretty much the same repectably hard-bitten style each time.

  4. Were all these interviews with atheist, skeptics and humanists, basically non religious people?

    In your search did you see him take the same tone with a religious proponent? An ID proponent? Any Woo-woo proponent?

  5. Actually, no – I was really just indulging in listening up on some of my favorite speakers – so no ID-ers.

    I’m at work so I can’t check up right now – I’ll have a look when I get home.

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