Introducing Skepfeeds…saying goodbye to Skepdude and Video Skepdude

I would like to introduce Skepfeeds, a new blog I have started here at WordPress, which will replace both Skepdude and Video Skepdude.

The idea behind Skepfeeds is simple. I realized that, although quite satisfying to myself, I wasn’t saying anything on Skepdude that someone else had not said better somewhere else. I mean what do I have to say on the antivaccinationists that Steven Novella hasn’t already said? Or what do I have to say on the whole Evolution vs. Creationism/ID that PZ Meyers hasn’t already said? Honestly, not much.

As such I figured that my time may be better spent in creating a feed which will collect and present in one place all of the best skeptical minded blog entries from around the web. Now, I understand that one person cannot possibly do that, so when I say “from around the web” I mean that portion of the web that I look at, blogs such as Pharyngula, Skepchick, Neurologica, Rationally Speaking, Denialism etc etc etc. I don’t really have time to put in the links here but you can Google each one and you’ll find them.

So far I have received permission by 4 blogs to re-post entries, Skepchick, Stuff God Hates, Rationally Speaking and Muslims Against Sharia. I started 2 days ago, so I hope that within a short time I will be able to get more permissions so that Skepfeeds can start to become what I really envision.

This does not mean that Skepdude will not chime in with an entry here and there, or that Skepdude will stop posting interesting videos. I will however be scaling down my writing. I don’t hold any illusions about my writing style and expertise, and given the quality of work of the bloggers that have already granted me permission to re-post their work, I do not intend to cheapen the quality of Skepfeeds by posting too much of my amateurish stuff. This is not about my ego and I hope this project actually works the way I intend it and grows quickly.

So thank you very much to all of you who have been comming here and reading my humble ramblings. I appreciate all your comments, and please do udpate your RSS feeds to point to Skepfeeds. Skepdude lives on, he just has a different job description now.


Here Be Dragons

By Brian Dunning of the superb Skeptoid podcast. This guy ought to win an award or something for producing such high quality podcasts and videos. Let’ all really really hope that some network is going to pick up “The Skeptologists”. That would be so freaking cool.

This guy needs to get the chair!

I am sorry, but anyone who says Islam is a peaceful religion must look at this video. It may yet become a peaceful religion, but until it sheds off all the inhumanity that this guy proposes, and much more, it won’t reach that destination. This is the guy who should be hanged. He’s actually saying that it’s ok for a man to have sex with a 9 year old girl. 9 fucking years old!

George Carlin was an agnostic…AND an atheist!

According to this idiot. That’s like saying he’s a christian and a muslim. But that sort of logic would fly right over his head. And can someone please explain what is Jerry Seinfield doing in this rant? Besides the stand up comic thing, I fail to make the connection.

Imagine……and no religion too!

Expelled Parody


More reasons to vote for the Democrat!

Wow, some of the things he says could be coming straight from the blasphemous mouths of Dawkins or Meyers! Impressive indeed!